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hot pot and rose bubble tea DO NOT mix - Rachel ??? ??? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rachel ??? ???

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hot pot and rose bubble tea DO NOT mix [Mar. 23rd, 2004|10:59 am]
Rachel ??? ???
I feel like shit. I have so much to do because we are leaving for Yangjuan TOMORROW!!!AHH!! and I need to finish keying out that goddamn graminaceae in lab and go to my calligraphy class today and get to the bank and do laundry, and I feel sick cause of what I ate yesterday. I dont think it was anything bad...just in bad combination. I was at a cafe for 4 hours in the morning, had about 12 cups of coffee and a veggie sandwich...I think the last time I got so shaky from coffee was that one time Craig and I had a chemistry 152 midterm and we went to IHOP to pull the all nighter. Well I finished chapter 6 in 4 hours- normally it takes me 3 days. I went to the office to purchase train tickets cause Pher might come with us to YJ- that way we can key out plants fast there while they are fresh and Steve can bring back a box of plants to Seattle. I elbowed, screamed, and stepped on the feet of I dont know how many people to hold my window space and then the f**king computer breaks and I have to wait till today to buy them...which I dont even know if there are any left. Oh well...fate is fate.
In the afternoon I keyed out 2 plants and Xu Laoshi keyed out 1 for me. Then I went to lift weights and run on the treadmill, then met with the program kids and ChiaLin for hot pot. I felt sick afterwards, but still met up with Louie for bubble tea- and acted like I wasnt nauseaus- not wanting to sacrifice a chance to use Chinese to make fun of Bush. There is a chunyu about Bush and Blair actually, that they want to rape/take everything. It is Lang2Bei4Wei4Jian4. Well by the time I went to bed I had thrown up 3 times. Today I am taking it easy, hoping to feel better by afternoon cause I CANNOT AFFORD TO FEEL LIKE THIS!!
To feel more bold and pain-tolerant, I will brag about the cool burn I got on saint patricks day. It looks grosser in real life, but the mark it left is really cool.
It was red, then purple, then gray, and now is going back to red again.
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