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Pesach - Rachel ??? ??? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rachel ??? ???

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Pesach [Apr. 7th, 2004|10:36 pm]
Rachel ??? ???
Passover was lovely- a real seder- and thanks to the packages Kayanna's mom sent nothing was missing from it (except the horseradish...so we used kimchee).
I put pictures up on fotki.
I dont know why keep getting the impulse to put gross stuff on livejournal...the burn..etc.. Well this is one of the photos I took in Yangjuan.
They killed the yak to feed the people who came for the funeral.
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From: (Anonymous)
2004-04-13 10:30 pm (UTC)

Jason from Burke

Hi its Jason from the Burke. Do you remember me? Saxophone player, cursive fan, aspiring vegan. Anyway your name came up the other day at the Burke and I was like yeah I wonder what is going on with her. After looking at your journal it looks and sounds like your travels have been amazing experiences. I write to you with sad news from the Burke. Wes Wehr passed away last night. I figured you might like to know because I know you greatly respected him like so many others at the museum. He will be missed by many. I hope your travels and studies continue to be life changing, enlightening experiences.
Jason Dean
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[User Picture]From: falimar
2004-04-20 08:52 am (UTC)


I dont know what to say- I am thrilled to hear from you and yet silenced by the news you bring. Wes Wehr gave me the best advice anyone ever gave me. He told me that people that say they love you are people you should be extra cautious taking advice from, and that if what you are shooting for in life fails to impress your parents- then find new ones that you can push hard to make proud- intellectual ones. Whenever I saw him pass by I was dying to talk to him more- he was one of the only honest beats left in the world. I wish that he be remembered- that his teachings and stories of his experiences be passed on to many people.
Thanks Jason for letting me know.
On the lighter note- MAN! how are you?! I cant wait to see you again- will you be staying in Seattle for the next year? I will be back in August. We have to hang out! You have an Argo fan club here in Chengdu by the way. When I get off the plane I am expecting to have dozens of people throwing rotten fruit at me for not keeping contact- its nothing I could help- I am just a lame-o at writing stuff.
Oh- As soon as I got to China and going through my first bin of bootlegged DVDs I picked up Beijing Bicycle- thanks for recommending it- its a great movie. I am on my 4th bicycle now...haha. All the others were stolen...although I actually found my 3rd one on KeHuaBeiLu over the weekend, but someone stole my key for the 4th one while I was running around the track on campus...so..well everyone here could make a movie about their beloved missing bikes.
You take care alright? and endless thankyous for writing me.
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