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27日我去了玉林生活中心看几个好朋友们Ashura, Sound Toy 声音玩具, and some friends who were… - Rachel ??? ??? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rachel ??? ???

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[May. 29th, 2004|12:53 pm]
Rachel ??? ???
27日我去了玉林生活中心看几个好朋友们Ashura, Sound Toy 声音玩具, and some friends who were in Yunnan for the past few months (xiao peng). I had so much to do- genetics final, finishing up the plant stuff, but decided I could spend a day with friends. The show was awesome. There were giant drums and jews harps and all. Soundtoy's new stuff is beautiful- I guess sort of radioheadish with giant drum rumbles and more piano.
I took 4 guys from my art class (inc. LiuDaiGang and TianYe)out for a drink. Met up with Kayanna and Eddie, it was only 4 in the afternoon. We all talked for hours and really had fun. Made jokes about 王八 (distinguishing kinds of soft shelled turtles).
Kayanna and I went afterwards to get our hair dyed. She wanted red streaks, but they turned out pink, and I had mine bleached to use as a base for this really pretty pinkish copper and dark streaks. Well the copped never took, and my hair is so dried out from the bleach that I will have to wait to do anything about it. So yeah, Im a more authentic Californian now right? right. Playing blondie. That night I went out with the Yunnan band. We went to this big funky bar and I got to play tamberene and drums on stage!! It was really fun. Theyre pretty crazy and mild. They were like recording glasses clanking and people clearing their throats. Sound thieves. They have the most sincerely happy smiles too. Theyll be in Beijing on the 20th of June if anyone will be there too- check em out.
Yesterday Pher brought me to his famous friend's fancy cartooning/advertizing studio. It was Sweet! I used the computer to print out some plant labels and my data spreadsheet. Whenever I was talking to the people there, Pher would talk over them to me assuming I didnt understand their mandarin...tho it sounded just like his! I would have been fine. At one point I threw my hand out to keep him from opening his mouth- I was being really mean. It was driving me crazy though. I know he was just trying to be nice.
He apologized to me by the bus later about it. Said "sorry I talk too fast" I exploded "You dont talk too fast! You talk when other people are talking! If you do that, I cant understand you or them!" he was all "im so sorry rachel! im so stupid" and I didnt say anything. I dont know how it started, just recently being around him sucks. i have this disgusted repulsive feeling around him. Maybe cause I know him well and see through his tricks with people or how he tries to entertain. I dunno. Felt bad. But I need his help with my plants- and he is coming over now. What is it! He bugs me soo much!
Anyways, this is lame. I am gonna finish this later. The rest of the day was awesome. I met a lady who owns a cold noodle street cart and tomorrow at 6 AM I am going to her house to learn how to make cold noodles from scratch Sichuan style.
The best artist in Sichuan took me under his wing to teach me how to sketch guo hua style. Tianye gave me a jade bracelet of turtles as a gift, and LiuDaiGang gave me ALL of his Chinese paintings from the semester...which was to big of a gift, and I started crying, and it was so embarassing. I just was feeling like I didnt desereve all the nice things everyone here has done for me. Ended up on the street talking to Eddie until 5 in the morning.
I gotta go. blah.
its raining.

From: (Anonymous)
2004-09-07 12:36 pm (UTC)

Back in town?

Jason from the Burke here. I remember that you said you would be back in town in August. Are you? If so give me a call or email 353-7466 or jasondean212@msn.com or jjdean@u.washington.edu. Hope to talk to you sometime.
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