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Rachel ??? ???
19 October
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It all started with a calico cat named Rachel. She used all her lives and I took on her name. We both lived in West Hollywood. Then I left her under a red rose bush and moved to Palm Desert..where there are all these amazing kids who, growing up in such a lame-o city, got really creative...and they became my friends. After my mom died I moved to Hannover,Germany- my 2 sisters and dad moved to Seattle. I lived with Danny Frimtzis and his family for my senior year of high school and ran Espresso 2 a tea, went off roading, and liked my chemistry honors teacher. In chem class, my teacher showed us a video about Richard Feynman, who had a wild dream to go to Tuva, simply because the capital was named Kyzyl. This became my life goal. The easiest way to get there in the 70's was to be a botanist. I began college at UW, Seattle, majoring in botany, IVart, and minoring in Chinese. So here I am in China, doing research with the Nuosu people (ethnobotany and water quality). This got me in the door to acheive my goal..going to the Republic of Tuva, which I will be doing in the summer. Botanizing, camel trekking, chilling in yurts with funny hats.. When its all over I look forward to finding another ridiculous dream...maybe choose Dostoyevsky instead of Feynman.